We Move on Soi 13 Tonglor. Startthe New MENU. Please visit our new shop and enjoy !!

Japanese Style Bar-B-Q Best Roasting by Charcoal Fire !
Now we have New Menu Very Rare Meat MISUJI (Shoulderblade meat). Please Try Taste !!

MISUJI(shoulderbrade meat) RIBEYE
Please Try And Enjoy Best of YAKINIKU ! ! We Have Best quality food.

Bliliant Meat MISUJI. Difficult get in the Meatshop.
Softly, elastic texture, and Nice Conbination Fat inside.
It Realy Bliliant Tast !!! Good For Sashimi, Tataki, Yakiniku, Anyways !
Now arrival to our Menu. Let's Come all together !!

Start The Lunch Menu Now !!

Nice taste and Volume, reasonable price !!

Example, Yakiniku set(120B), Karubi set(140B), Buta-kimuchi set(90B),and more...
All lunch set menu is Including wakame-soup, Rice(can refill), Kimuchi, salad, and Ice cream.
This is unprofitable Service price!! Please come in at lunch-time for IKKYU !!
We have Lunch set Menu,
Only week day, Don't Miss Please.

Please Enjoy The Japanese Style Bar-B-Q.

Meat proof and purchase by experience staff in everyday.

Any Foodstuff Cutting Also by experience staff.Not interfusion Another Parts.

We Ready, Original Special Non-Smoke Chacoal Roaster.GoodRoast, and not Stink..

Chacoal and fire, Control by Expert Stuff.

We have VIP Rooms,Car park complete

In IKKYU whole rest WiFi-Free. Please ask wep key our Staff

For Reservation :
Please show me date,time, countperson and Your Contact
TEL: 02-185-34045 FAX: 02-185-3405 Email ikkyu.namegmail.com

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